New: American Hustle trailer… and 5 reasons I cannot wait for this movie

I have been very quiet on here recently due to a stream of cliché excuses such as: work has been crazy and I have been away for a few days and my car needs work on so haven’t made it to the cinema etc etc etc. However, I plan on becoming a lot more active on here starting next week.

But until then, I have just seen the second trailer released for American Hustle, so I thought I would list my top 5 reasons as to why I am so eager to see this film … here goes:

  1. The cast is fantastic … Christian Bale has been phenomenal in everything I have seen him in. From The Dark Knight Trilogy, to The Machinist, to The Prestige, to The Fighter, to Public Enemies, to American Psycho (I could go on and on) he changes roles so well, and I cannot wait to see his next performance. Amy Adams again is terrific, having played a host of serious roles and proved she can be funny in films like The Muppets Movie and Talledega Nights. Despite being around a lot longer than I think most people (myself included) actually realise, I think she is now hitting her stride and we can expect big things in the next few years. Bradley Cooper, also funny and serious roles with a decent track record of leading roles including one of the best films of 2012, The Place Beyond The Pines. american_hustle_cast.jpg.CROP.article568-large
  2. I am a sucker for track records. If I see a film that I like, I will then begin searching for other films from the actors/resses and directors to indulge in. For example, after seeing Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman I became a huge fan of his and proceeded to watch every film he has directed (and enjoyed them all!). So, with the aforementioned cast I am a fan off, this film wins the double in this category as I was also a huge fan of The Fighter (which incidentally starred Bale and Adams), which was directed by David O. Russell, who also happens to be directing American Hustle. Who knows, if this film is as good as expected, I may spend the first few months of 2014 working my way through his back catalog.
  3. Jennifer Lawrence. Yes I have covered the cast already. But I think Jennifer deserves a reason of her own. Quickly becoming Hollywood’s golden girl, who can question why? She has got her hand in a number of large franchises including X-Men and The Hunger Games, won an Oscar for best actress at only 22 years old, tackled comedy, drama and horror with success. She is a talented actress, capable of playing convincingly above her age, and actually appears to be a normal, down to earth person … oh and she is drop dead gorgeous. And hey, only being 3 years older than myself, who knows, I may even have a shot … a guy can dream.Jennifer-Lawrence2
  4. The Story.  A period crime drama about a reckless FBI agent who recruits a con man and his alluring British partner into a scheme to gain the upper hand over other talented swindlers. A. I enjoy the crime genre. B. Period pieces if done properly can look fantastic on the big screen. C. The synopsis suggests great potential for edge of your seat thrills as well as some well placed comedy. It’s usually a good sign if a film can hook you in with one sentence without seeing a trailer, and this is what American Hustle has done for me. Also, the trailers look great, which reaffirms the synopsis. americanhustletrailer
  5. The trailers don’t give too much away. The problem with a lot of films now is, that the trailer gives away far too much of the plot, which can take a lot of enjoyment out of the film. Especially with this genre. Comedy films can often rely on deleted scenes or promo clips for the trailer, whereas crime and thrillers don’t have that luxury. Luckily, American Hustle hasn’t blown it with it’s trailers. It has shown me enough to maintain my interest following the brief synopsis without telling me exactly what is going to happen. Also, any trailer that uses ELO gets a point from me! If another trailer is released, whether I voluntarily watch it has not yet been decided – the more trailers you see, the more of the film you see.

So there is my list. I am eagerly awaiting this release – however shan’t be viewed on the day of release, unless by some magic I can source an advanced screening ticket to see Anchorman 2, which has the same release date as American Hustle.

Anyway, without further ado. Enjoy the trailer. Feel free to let me know what you are most looking forward to from American Hustle, hitting cinemas December 20th.


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