Movie 43 … Is it REALLY as bad as it was made out? [REVIEW]

When Movie 43 came out in cinema I avoided it because it got an absolute slaying from the critics. But when I signed onto Netflix tonight to see it sitting there in the recently added, I thought, why not give it a go …


The short answer to the title of this review is a firm YES!

But the long(er), I won’t go on for too long!) answer is, no this isn’t as bad as it is made out, but not far off – it isn’t fantastic to say the least. That’s not to say it isn’t funny. At times I was literally laughing out loud, but other times it was very flat and just not funny.

This won’t be for everyone, as I think you need a pretty childish sense of humour to enjoy this film for what it is – a totally stupid, gross out, fart joke, utterly ridiculous combination of scenes. In fairness, it is a rubbish film.

The film revolves around a down on his luck Dennis Quaid pitching this movie as a bunch of shorts to movie producer Griffin, and stars a blockbuster cast of some of the biggest names in Hollywood, with the likes of Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman, Richard Gere and Halle Berry, alongside some of comedies best known faces, such as Anna Farris, Chris Pratt, Justin Long, Jason Sudeikiss, Emma Stone, and the list goes on and on.

Movie 43 starts out (in my opinion) hilariously, with Hugh Jackman as a successful business man on a blind date with Kate Winslet. That’s not very funny I hear you say … but wait, Hugh Jackman has testicles attached to his neck … that still isn’t funny you say? Well, I unfortunately did find it funny, and with 3 too many ball jokes, I did still laugh at them all. Shame on me.

Some other highlights include Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts high school experience for their home schooled son. This had me in tears, I was crying with laughter for the whole scene. Christopher Mintz-Plasse is also very funny for a few minutes in a hit and miss scene with Chloe Moretz and Patrick Warburton.

Movie 43

A few scenes start of slow but save themselves well. I was losing interest fast in Jason Sudeikis and Justin Long’s Batman and Robin duo, however it does save itself and grab a few laughs.


Absolute no-nos include Kieran Culkin and Emma Stone’s grocery store short which contained no laughs, and Elizabeth Bank’s scene with the animated cat, Beezle, was just awful.


Movie 43

This film isn’t very good at all, although does it deserve a 4% (yes, as low as that) rating on rotten tomatoes? Probably not. The film knows it isn’t any good, and goes out of its way to be as crap as possible, which is what provides most of the laughs that it does get. Maybe a 10% is a little fairer.

Yes it is juvenile, yes it is stupid. But if you’re tired, bored and in the right mood, this might just make you laugh enough to pass an hour and 30 minutes. But most likely you should avoid it. I quite enjoyed parts of it, but appreciate this won’t be for most people.

Please, whatever you do, don’t pay to watch this film! If you see it on TV or have a Netflix account, maybe try it. I am certainly glad I didn’t put any money into it!

I think a lot of the cast will look back and wonder why they signed on for this …  a black mark on most of their résumés. This must have lost the studio so much money considering the high profile cast and the terrible ratings!

A stinky 3 out 10 – enough laughs to to just about get by, not a good film and not highly recommended. Although if you can find Liev Schreiber’s scene on youtube, that IS worth a watch!

The film is very hit and miss, and I can see why it didn’t fair too well – it takes a strange sense of humour and the right mood to find this funny.


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