The Cable Guy … Bueller takes another day off, but still funny! [REVIEW]

Inspired to rewatch this from a Youtube clip sent to me from a friend, having not seen this film in about 6 or 7 years I really couldn’t remember what happened in this film.  Which was actually a nice treat, as a comedy fan I always enjoy watching a new funny flick … although not strictly a new one for me, it did feel that way.


The Cable Guy stars Matthew Broderick as newly single guy Steven, who having just been kicked out by girlfriend Robin (Leslie Mann), sees the wacky Jim Carrey fall into his life when he comes to install his cable.

Matthew Broderick is absolutely dreadful in this film. He is wooden, unfunny and so unnatural it is almost unbearable at times when he is on screen. However, that doesn’t spoil the film, despite his shoddiness, The Cable Guy is a very funny and enjoyable film. And this is pretty much down to one factor, and one factor alone.

Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey is fantastic. Not just in this film … but in just about every film he stars in. He has a way about him that is just naturally funny. And it is that makes The Cable Guy such a good film. Carrey plays the Cable Guy to absolute perfection, mixing insanity with a lonely . Although quite clearly insane, you can’t help but root for his character. My only gripe with the character is that, he should have left Broderick alone, and sought a different character to stalk who would have actually helped him out in the comedy department!


The Cable Guy is home to some of the funniest scenes probably of Jim Carrey’s career, and I think that is probably because it isn’t just in your face funny, that Carrey has made a career out of, but the comedy in this film is at time underplayed and very quirky … which makes it even funnier! Of course you still get Jim Carrey’s usual flamboyant humour, with his trademark movements and face pulling to boot which gave me endless enjoyment throughout the film.

From basketball star, to karaoke king, to medieval warrior, Carrey keeps the laughs coming a you thick and fast, not slowed down by his appalling co-star. One thing a few people may not know, is that this film was actually directed by funny man Ben Stiller, who also makes a cameo appearance. Although, once you know it makes more sense that you see partners in crime Owen Wilson and Jack Black make brief appearances in the film. Although it would be early in their careers the roles are almost insignificant and could have been played by anyone really.

First released in 1996, the film does show it’s ages at times, especially during the karaoke scene, where it is painstakingly obvious that Jim Carrey is not really singing, but lip syncing. Although this almost always the case when you see a character singing in a film, nowadays this can be tidied up in post-production, however 17 years ago, clearly wasn’t as easy to do. Not that I’m criticizing the film, or the scene – for me it is one of the funniest in the film, and actually was the clip that inspired me to watch the film tonight!

So, although let down by Broderick, who obviously was still in Ferris Bueller mode, felt like another day off, The Cable Guy is very funny, and worth a watch for any comedy fan, and Jim Carrey fan. Comedy doesn’t always stand the test of time, however 17 years on, The Cable Guy still demands to be watched. Although if you still aren’t swayed, I will leave you with the clip that convinced me, to give you that last push you need.

A very funny 7.5/10. Whether re-watching or first time viewer, let me know if you still think this film has it!


11 thoughts on “The Cable Guy … Bueller takes another day off, but still funny! [REVIEW]

  1. The only reason this film is somewhat watchable is Broderick. When you are playing against such an over the top actor such as Carrey, there has to be someone believable to make the story work. Carrey was horrendous in this movie and because of his ridiculous portrayal, the movie did not do well. It had nothing
    to do with Broderick.

    • Hi Michi, thanks for the comment. It’s interesting that we have such different opinions on this film! I do agree that the Steven character was a believable one, for me though, Broderick just wasn’t great. It seemed like every line was just that, a line being said by an actor, rather than being natural, if that makes sense. But everyone has different opinions and see different things. Thanks for commenting and letting me know yours, hope to see you around the blog in the future 🙂

      • Ben, I agree to disagree on this one. I was not a fan of Carrey’s on this film at all. The story itself was weak to begin with and I personally feel that Carrey could have payed it obsessive and dark without being so absurd. Broderick’s character was just an ordinary guy and the way he played it, for me, was just like that. For me, the scenes without Carrey in them, showed that.

      • That is fair enough, I respectively agree to disagree. It is interesting how two people can have such a different view of the same film, and is part of the reason I started this blog, so I could discuss opinions with others – so thank you for sharing yours. I look forward to reading your opinions on any films I review in the future. Happy movie watching.

  2. Not my favorite of Carrey’s. And when it comes to Broderick, I’ll stick with WarGames and Ferris Bueller. Although, he has lent his voice to several animated films that I enjoy. My fav Carrey films are not even comedies! Examples, Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine. 23 was awful, and I didn’t see the Majestic. I enjoy his other movies, but I don’t think I can call him one of my favorite comedic actors. Things like Bruce Almighty are things I only bother to watch when they are on television. Same with The Mask and Liar Liar. I get that they care considered classics to many, but there’s just way too many far more awesome films out there for me to bother with his stuff a lot of the time. Then again, when you are a kid, you see these movies way too often (and even as an adult), that I guess they just get old. Lol. I’m trying to remember if I liked Man On The Moon… I must not have hated it, or I’d remember.

    • Fair enough, I’m not really a big Broderick fan myself – I love Ferris Bueller’s day off, but that’s about it!, That is one of the good things about Jim Carrey – he can play a straight role really well too. I also really enjoy The Truman Show. I keep meaning to watch Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind but haven’t got to it yet! I do love Jim Carrey’s comedy, probably because I grew up watching those films, like The Mask, Dumb and Dumber, Liar Liar etc… but I have to say Will Ferrell is my all time comedy hero!

      • Haha trust me. I used to love all those movies. There’s nothin wrong with that. But now I have such a hard time finding movies to be funny. I think I’ve gravitated towards more serious films overall. I would love to see a movie that makes me laugh out loud but it’s rare anymore. And it’s not that I’m not a funny person, I love humor ! I know that with TV shows, Arrested Development and the first few seasons of The Office were hilarious. Movies can be a bit harder. Although, I have my share of 80s comedies that still will make me laugh. Also, off topic, when I get the chance I plan on writing about what I thought of The Town. Did you see it ? I thought it was great.

      • Ah that’s a shame. Maybe leave them for a few years and come back to them, maybe absence will make the heart grow fonder! I have to say as I’ve gotten older I have started to move towards to more serious films, for example 5 or 6 years ago I wouldn’t have gone near a drama or serious film for the most part, but now I absolutely adore the crime/thriller genre, so am trying to catch up on the older ones! I’ve also started to enjoy films that actually tell a story, if you know what I mean, I know all films are a story but I mean an actual story rather than a loose one … I don’t think I’m making sense anymore!! All that said though, I am still a sucker for a good comedy, and thankfully I still find the older ones mentioned above funny.Although, I have to admit I have been a little disappointed we haven’t had a major comedy hit for a while. I have high hopes for Will Ferrell (My hero) with Anchorman 2.Oh wow, I absolutely love Arrested Development and The Office too!!

        I actually haven’t seen that one, although I do want to. As I’ve said a few times on this blog, I actually quite like Ben Affleck and think he gets a hard time, so it is definitely on my list. I will try and watch it soon to write a review and then can link to your piece when you write about it! 🙂

      • Yeah, I am waiting for a killer comedy, too. I didn’t have much of a ‘review’, as much as I was ogling over Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner, LOL. You don’t need to link, I don’t think your readers will be impressed. Hahaha.

        I’m currently watching Escape From Alcatraz with Eastwood. Never saw it before. Thank you for entertaining my movie chat banter!

      • Ah sweet, I will give that a read. Oh cool, let me know if it’s any good and I’ll give it a go!

        No, thank you, I am always looking for people to talk to about movies, so thanks for commenting and getting involved 😀

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