Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues … Yes it does [REVIEW]

Anchorman 2 … the highly anticipated sequel to Will Ferrell’s 2004 Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. I have been eagerly waiting for this since it was first announced back in March 2012.

Full disclosure before we go any further … I am Will Ferrell’s number 1, biggest fan!

anchorman2Ron Burgundy and the News Team is back … and he still has a voice that can make a wolverine purr, and suits so fine they make Sinatra look like a hobo. What can I say about this film, this is the most ridiculous thing I have seen on screen in a very, very long time … but I loved it. The infamous Channel 4 News Team still has it 9 years on, and this time they’ve gone national!

We join Ron a few years down the line, now in the 1980’s and in the dawn of 24 hour news. Now, sequels are very tricky, and historically usually get a tough time, and rightly so a lot of the time. They walk a thin line of staying true to the original content, without just re-producing a carbon-copy of the first film. It’s a difficult win! And, I think Anchorman 2 handles this very well. There are plenty of throwbacks and some similarities, that as a huge fan, was nice to see and kept me laughing, also most had a least a twist so wasn’t a complete duplicate.


This film also doesn’t just dip it’s toe into new waters … it makes everyone STOP WHAT THEY ARE DOING, AND LISTEN! and then CANNONBALL’S straight into absolute absurdity. I won’t give away any huge spoilers, as there were sections of this film that came as an absolute shock to me, just didn’t see them coming at all! You can tell that Ferrell and McKay had an absolute ball writing this film! Also, very much like the first film, and the majority of Ferrell/McKay ventures, it is clear a lot of this is improvised on the spot, so I for one cannot wait for the DVD so I can check out bloopers, line-o-rama, and deleted scenes. What is great with Ferrell/McKay films, is that you get a treat with the trailer, and then when you watch the film, about 70% of it, you don’t even see – these guys are so funny, and generate so much material they can’t fit everything in! As most Anchorman fans will be aware, for the first film there was so much content shot, that McKay made a second film with a different story line, running alongside the first film, from the left over and unused footage! (So technically, this isn’t really Anchorman 2!) – however this was only released via DVD.

Anchorman 2 definitely needs to be viewed multiple times to fully appreciate it. There is so much going on, you are bound to miss a few things first time round. I myself have already seen this twice, and no doubt will see it again before it leave cinemas! Plus, you may need a few viewings to fully cement all of the new quotes into your mind, to use daily!

Although the original Anchorman wasn’t a huge box office success, and only became iconic after establishing a cult following, there is little doubt Anchorman 2 will be huge in the box office. You only need to see some of the cameos made in this film to understand the traction this film has! Steve Carrell, also gets the opportunity for a lot more screen time second time around, most likely due to the fame he has seen following the first feature.


There is very little to complain about with this sequel, although unfortunatley, Christina Applegate gives, in my opinion a very poor showing, she isn’t as natural as the rest of the ensemble and I’m not sure what happened to her voice? She did start to grind on me as the film went on, and was a step backwards from her first performance. And Burgundy’s son Walter also got a little bit annoying by the end. Although a notable performance from Meagan Good, who did very well stepping into this established comedy group!

Very funny, the lighthouse scene is side splitting, and Ron, Brick, Champ and Brian can still deliver the goods!

Not quite as good as the original, although I don’t think that ever would have been possible – but I do think this will get better with every watch!

9/10 – You stay classy, Blog Readers.




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