The Inbetweeners Movie … “Brilliant” [REVIEW]

When it was announced that hugely popular series The Inbetweeners was to make a movie it could of gone one of two ways. It was either going to be, as Will would say, “fucking dreadful” or it would be fantastic. Thankfully for our favourite Post 16 boys, it was the latter!

inbetweenersThere is always the risk of a TV series flopping when it gets onto the big screen … especially for a program that doesn’t follow a whole series story arc, and the episodes are only 22 minutes long … however The Inbetweeners Movie didn’t disappoint when it was released back in the summer of 2011. The movie sees the Will, Simon, Jay and Neil, leaving Rudge Park Comprehensive, and before heading out into the big bad world, decide to take on one last venture …  a lads holiday, filled with sex, booze, sand, sex, sea, tits, fanny, booze … and sex!

Oh, this film had so much stacked against it … popular program with high expectations, putting them on-screen for 5x longer than a standard episode, and to top it off, throw them into a foreign country … because that never fails to disappoint! But, writers Iain Morris and Damon Beesley stayed true to the series and the characters, and delivered one of the funniest films that year!


Just like the series, you can’t help but find this film bitterly real, and the characters completely relatable to. And like the series, is incredibly quotable! What is so great about The Inbetweeners, is that it is SO relatable. If you grew up in England, and went through the UK post 16 education system, it will all seem all too familiar. Everyone knows a Jay, everyone knows a Neil, everyone knows a Simon, and lord knows … everyone knows a Will. Unfortunately for some, you will find these characters far too close to your own past experience. And yes, I do have to admit, I am a total Will … as the majority of people who know me will all too gladly confirm!

It must be mentioned here however, that this is the UK version of the Inbetweeners, so this may not land as successfully with viewers who haven’t been exposed to the realities of Inbetweeners life. The US did try to make their own version of the show, which failed to land … unfortunately the humour doesn’t really translate that well from UK high school to US high school, so inevitably was cancelled.

So, off the boys trot to Malia in seek of manhood, but are greeted by a crappy hotel, have their naivety taken advantage of, ants nests, “decadent” clubs and find out they are just as hopeless as they have ever been! Until they eventually wear down a group of girls and by some miracle, all four of the boys pull! Simon’s dad will be happy! This film is basically an hour and a half of the boys just being the boys … which any fan of the show can agree is great fun to watch. It is so easy to watch, I myself have just re-blasted through the 3 series in 3 days with tremendous ease. It is difficult to deliver consistent laughs for that period of time, but The Inbetweeners Movie manages to do just so, and has not spoilt the series, and in fact got it back on trap after a slightly disappointing finale to the third series.

In fact my only complaint with The Inbetweeners, is that it would have been nice to have had a 4th series before the movie. I think there was plenty of scope left there and the third series went by too quickly, and is what made the finale a disappointing end. The creators must also obviously feel there is more material as a second movie has been announced and has now began shooting. Let’s just hope it isn’t now a bridge too far, and the boys can deliver another snorter once again!


tumblr_lykdoqucjj1qh6qzs-1ahkcxkIf you haven’t seen any of The Inbetweeners, you will need to before you watch the film … but if you haven’t, where have you been? Right this wrong immediately, and thank me later!

Cringely funny, the Rudge Park boys give us one last hurrah (as we thought at the time… they will be back) and provide a glimmer of hope for the Will’s of this world … a very, very slim glimmer, but hope none the less, thanks Iain and Damon!




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