Delivery Man … Doesn’t deliver [REVIEW]

That pretty much sums it up.

Once a number one comedy hit, Vince Vaughn now seems to have descended into churning out the same crappy role over and over again … which if it was at least funny wouldn’t be too much of an issue, however when it is mediocre at best, then why would you want to keep paying out to see his films?


Based on 2011 Canadian film, Starbuck, Delivery Man sees Vaughn playing David Wozniak, who 20 years ago donated his sperm 693 times (under the alias Starbuck). As a result, David is found to be the biological father of 533 children, of which 142 are suing to find out his identity. Vince’s David, works in his family’s meat shop as (shockingly) a delivery man, and is AS USUAL a huge underachiever, down on his luck, who just wants to do better … where have we seen that before? Oh, that’s right, in just about every other Vince Vaughn movie. And it is getting very old now.

Allegedly a comedy, I think I chuckled maybe 5 or 6 times. And most of the times it was a result of the supporting cast, and not Vaughn. Well, I say supporting cast – I mean Chris Pratt, David’s best friend and lawyer, Brett. Who was pretty much the only character that I enjoyed seeing on the screen, which wasn’t very often, as unfortunately this was pretty much the Vince Vaughn one man show. There are a few supporting players in the film (not all 533 kids, only a few are singled out) – but you don’t know who anyone else is really, there is no character development, it took me about halfway through the film to even realise one of the characters was supposed to be Vince Vaughn’s other brother, and there is barely even any reference to anybody else’s name … took me a while to know what Chris Pratt’s character was called, or any of the few of VV’s children’s names. Couple this with little to no humour … there isn’t very much at all.

It is probably fair to say that great things were never expected from Delivery Man, however I did go in with an open mind – I did used to be a Vince Vaughn fan – some of my favourite comedies have featured him, Dodgeball, Wedding Crashers, and Old School were all fantastically funny. But, this film just dragged on slowly to the predictable end that we all expected.

Although Delivery Man has it’s moments, they are very few and far between. Aiming to be a funny, feel-good film, it really isn’t. It is just another Vince Vaughn disappointment. Unfunny, not uplifting, just pretty boring. I think it is telling that, although only released in the UK yesterday, the film was only showing in a studio screen … maybe 30 seats(?) and only at 3 times throughout the day. The cinema’s know it … Vince Vaughn can’t sell out a screen anymore. Last year’s Internship that saw him reunite with Wedding Crashers team mate Owen Wilson was a flop, only taking half of what Wedding Crasher had taken, and now Delivery Man is likely to take even less.

Vince Vaughn has gotten lazy, and it is now about time he shakes it up and tries something new … or at least puts out a genuinely funny film!

Past successes such as Dodgeball, Old School, and Wedding Crashers seem a distant memory now. In recent times we’ve had poor showings such as The Dilemma and The Internship from Vaughn, and now we can add Delivery Man to the ever growing list of mediocrity.

Save yourself some time and money and miss this one.




2 thoughts on “Delivery Man … Doesn’t deliver [REVIEW]

  1. Though Vaughn isn’t doing much here to annoy us, he isn’t really doing anything to commend much either. He’s just going through the motions, and heck, you could make the argument that the film follows that pattern as well. Good review.

    • Vaughn has been lacklustre for too long now, he needs to put out a decent film and soon or it will be tough to come back from. Thanks for the comment and kind words 🙂

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