Hot Rod … Too Legit To Quit [REVIEW]

Now this is my kind of comedy! Outrageously silly, laugh out loud funny for 90 minutes and a killer soundtrack … it is the perfect combination.

Hot Rod stars Lonely Island’s, Andy Samberg, as Rod Kimble, a self proclaimed stunt man who has never grown up. The plot of the movie is basically that Rod is trying to raise $50,000 to save his abusive step-fathers life whose respect that he craves … so he can kick his ass in a fight …

“You’re wrong, Frank. I’m not a kid, I’m a man. I am gonna get you better, and then I’m gonna beat you to death!”

Now you can’t tell me that hasn’t already got you laughing?

Hot-Rod-Wallpaper-the-lonely-island-500020_1024_768From the very first minute Hot Rod kicks off with its slapstick, childish humour. It lays the foundation for the joke, we all know what is going to happen, it happens exactly how we saw it happening … yet it is still gut wrenchingly funny! Hot Rod is filled with charm and absolute absurdity that you just have to laugh at. Written by Pam Brady a few years before it was actually made, originally set to be a vehicle for Will Ferrell, the movie was tweaked for Samberg, but you can easily see how this would have worked as a Ferrell flick, this is definitely his kind of humour … and Ferrell did exec produce! All which are bonuses for me … this is absolutely my sense of humour!

Incredibly quotable, this is one definitely to watch with your friends … although watching it alone I still spent the entire time bent double crying with laughter, and rewinding to watch bits again. I have seen this a good few times before, I know exactly what is going to happen, but it is still always funny. It isn’t particularly clever and there isn’t much of a storyline in place … things that you would expect to mean a poor film. But not in this case … basically a collection of funny sketches loosely forming a story, this movie hits it out of the ballpark.

As well as Andy Samberg there is a collection of great comedy stars in this film. Danny McBride, Lonely Island partner Kevin Powell and SNL alumnus Bill Hader, make up Rod’s crew … and they like to party! The lovely Denise (Isla Fisher) also joins the crew later on in the film, but not before a humiliating initiation, and “it’s like the craziest thing you could even imagine”  … I mean you can’t just waltz in off the street and demand to be in the crew.

hot rod

Powell plays Rod’s younger, oddball step-brother and team manager, Jorma. Hader plays the equally oddball team mechanic, Dave, and McBride is the ultra aggressive ramp builder, Rico … he goes to church every sunday, but you don’t want to bring the demons out of him!

Together they set out to train Rod to achieve the biggest stunt of his life … jumping 15 school buses. From money making schemes such as performing at kids parties, to punch dancing out his rage, Rod is on the path to becoming the greatest stuntman of all time, and becoming a man … stick on moustache to boot. Yes, real men GROW moustaches, but you know he has a hormone disorder!  You can tell that everyone had an absolute blast making this film, just a bunch of guys messing around and being as stupid as possible, and getting paid to do it … What a job eh!

Outside of the main cast, Will Arnett brings his trademark angry comedy to the film as Isla Fisher’s obnoxious lawyer boyfriend Jonathan, as well as Ian McShane’s Frank, stepfather from hell. And who can forget Chester Tam’s, Richardson, who sees very little screen time, but is absolutely hilarious every time we see him … whatever you do, don’t accuse him of not doing anything!


As well as being blisteringly funny, Hot Rod also boasts a cracking soundtrack. Littered with multiple hits from Europe, well placed snippets from Cutting Crew, M.C Hammer, and  John Farnham’s anthem, You’re the Voice add fantastically to the humour of situations! A few original tracks are also introduced, not forgetting the birth of “Cool Beans”.

Hot Rod is a must see for any comedy fan … and I score this one as a 9/10  as it is just “Too Legit To Quit”



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