Zoolander … Ben at his best [REVIEW]

If you are comedy fan, and/or a Ben Stiller fan, I think the majority would agree, that Zoolander is a must see. Derek Zoolander is a dim witted, but loveable male model, brainwashed to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Starring alongside friend and regular onscreen partner Owen Wilson, this is perhaps Stiller’s finest hour.

Zoolander-zoolander-3951534-1024-768This film is just funny. There isn’t too much depth to, it is just an hour and 20 minutes of silliness. And that is what is great about the comedy genre, or more so, what was great about the comedy genre. Nowadays films seem to becoming longer and longer, and as a result the hit percentage of jokes is decreasing, not in all cases, but comedy doesn’t seem to be as good as it was 10-15 years ago. The likes of Stiller, Ferrell, the Wilson brothers, Vaughn, Black, Sandler and the like, AKA “The Frat Pack” seemed to have it down. Put a loose storyline in place and then just mess around for an hour or so, and people will want to laugh with you. Now it seems like the genre is trying too hard and it is suffering. And sadly a few people on that list have unfortunately started churning out what can only be best described as crap! Comedy is all about having fun, so if you have fun while you make it, the audience will join in.  I think that is why This Is The End was one of the funniest films of 2013, as you could tell how much fun they had making it, and it rubbed off on the audience.

But anyway, back to Zoolander.  After being snubbed for the male model of the year award for Owen Wilson’s newcomer, Hansel (So hot right now!), humiliated by a report in Time magazine on him, and losing his 3 best friends in a “freak, gasoline fight accident”, Derek decides it is time to call it a day and retire from the male modelling profession and return home to his roots. Unfortunate for comical fashion villain Mugatu (Will Ferrell) who needs him for his evil plot to take out the Prime Minister of Malaysia!


After being convinced to get back on the horse, despite not being a gymnast, Derek agrees to become the face of Mugatu’s Derlicte campaign. Basically dressing like homeless bums – that should give you an idea of the humour we are dealing with … completely childish, but incredibly funny – and my favourite kind of humour! But, with the help of Christine Taylor’s, Matilda Jeffries, discovers the plot and must work with her and Hansel (So hot right now) to stop it from happening.

Zoolander is incredibly quotable, and is laugh out loud funny for pretty much the entire film. The cast just gels, and it is no surprise they have all worked together on numerous occasions to great success. Stiller and Wilson are a great comedy duo, and just bounce off each other fantastically. Will Ferrell (my comedy hero) is as funny as ever in the role of Mugatu, the scorned, evil, flamboyant fashion designer. And throwing in the consistent Christine Taylor (Stiller’s wife) and Jerry Stiller (Stiller’s Dad) only adds to the chemistry of the whole affair.


The film is just a winner. Littered with celebrity and comedy cameos, there isn’t too much you can say against this film. Stiller got it just right with this one, contributing to the script, directing and starring in the lead role, he really is a man of many talents. This is a great one to sit down and just enjoy. It doesn’t require too much thinking, and be it with your friends, or just on your own, you are guaranteed to have a laugh and put yourself in a good mood!

And now there are talks of a sequel being on the way, and while slightly nervous as it has already been 13 years since the original and doubtful we will see a sequel until at least 2015, you do have to feel quietly confident that the team will be able to pull it off again.

Zoolander has given us so much. Blue Steel. The infamous walk off. And bags and bags of quotes. I don’t think Zoolander will ever get old. This film continues to sit towards the top of my comedy list, and is one I will continue to return to.



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