Spider-Man Homecoming

Oh boy – another Spider-Man reboot – maybe this time it will work? Okay, I actually didn’t think The Amazing Spider-Man was that bad to be fair. I did have relatively high hopes for this reboot though having seen a sneak peek of Spidey in the last Cap movie. As I always try and do – this review will be spoiler free.

To be brutally honest – I did have my doubts about this movie, and how invested I was going to stay in the Marvel Movie Universe. I really enjoyed the last Guardian’s movie, but on the Avengers side of thing, I was starting to get a bit weary. The last Cap movie wasn’t a bad movie – but I also didn’t think it was really a Cap movie, it was more of a mini-Avengers film. Which I didn’t want to see, I wanted a Captain America movie – I know the Universe is well and truly connected now, but it would’ve been nice to see Captain America out on his own, rather than what was effectively Cap vs Iron Man. So with this movie, when I started seeing a fair amount of Iron Man in the trailers, I was worried we were going to go down the same path, and this wouldn’t be a focused Spiderman movie.

Thankfully – that wasn’t the case. I thought this film did a really great job of giving Spidey a good movie. As I said, despite my thoughts on Civil War, I did enjoy Spiderman’s appearance and was looking forward to seeing him in his own movie. We’ve seen a few variations of the web slinger in recent history, and I do feel as though this has been the best effort for Peter Parker so far.

The movie ticks along nicely and covers all the right formula elements for a Marvel film. They have got comedy down. The villains are often nothing special, but Michael Keaton does a good job, in a different take on Birdman (get it?), without really pushing any boundaries. But the biggest thing this film has going for it is the how likeable the characters are. Granted, for the most part you are supposed to like the superheroes, but a lot of the time they walk the line of being almost too obnoxious, or too goody two shoes – but Tom Holland has a charm about him as Spidey which is just really darn likeable.

One of my favourite characters and a stand out was Jacob Batalon’s, Ned, Peter’s best friend – he was very funny and in a universe where none of the Avengers are really normal people, he did help really hit home how average a guy Peter Parker really is. I was nervous how much Iron Man we were going to see, and thankfully the balance was just right – there was enough of him to make it worthwhile, but no so much so that it overshadowed Spidey. We get to see more of John Favreau’s, Happy, who I think is just a great character in this Universe, who again brought some great humorous bits to this film.

What I did enjoy about this film is that it didn’t feel crazy CGI’d. Obviously, there is some, and in one scene it did get a little too much for my liking, but by comparison to the recent Avengers movies, this felt a lot lighter on the in your face CGI – which was very welcome.

The film is a little over two hours, which pushed it a little bit, but it never felt all that slow – any longer and it would’ve been. Overall, this is a good Spidey film with a few little reveals to please fans and gave us a nice introduction to the character, of who we are going to see more of in the coming years.

Just a note on one thing that really annoyed me – Gwenth Paltrow appeared fourth in the main credit list of characters, despite only having about 30 seconds of screen time which added almost nothing to the movie. I thought that was very disrespectful to all the actors who appeared throughout the film and gave great performances – I don’t care if she is a bigger name, it felt a slight on some of the cast and it was something that rubbed me up the wrong way.

As always, there are post credits scenes – unlike the recent Guardian’s (5, really?!) there are only two this time, with the second being right at the end of the credits – so if you want to see them, make sure to stick around.

And with that, Marvel, I am back in.



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