Heroes Reborn … Teaser Trailer Released – Excited? [TV]

Last night NBC surprised viewers with a Teaser Trailer for Heroes Reborn. The mini-series is set to air in 2015, and will have 13 episodes. The trailer gives absolutely nothing away, except letting us know that it is coming. We in fact no very little else about the mini-series, no story details have been released, however what we do know is that Heroes creator, Tim Kring, will be rejoining the show to exec produce, and this will feature its own stand alone arc.

Fans of the original show will sadly remember that this was cut short, being cancelled after the fourth season due to ratings for the show dropping. While I think the majority would agree that season 3 was disappointing compared to its predecessors, however season 4 was starting to redeem itself a little and was starting to rebuild some momentum. Although I was late to the show, while Heroes never topped its first season efforts, I was very disappointing when I got to the end of season 4 to find there would be no more.

*Spoilers to follow* – if you are interested in watching the original series – please don’t read any further! (Feel free to skip to the bottom to see the trailer)


It will be interesting to see where the mini-series will pick up, with season 4 ending with Claire revealing her powers to the world, a series 5 would have brought about huge change to all of the characters lives. However, we will now be 5 years on from this event, and I wonder whether the show will keep in real time, or will set its self a few yeas back. I’m imagining the series to start with a flashback to the end of season 4 and then be followed by the classic Heroes opening, with the title of episode – 5 years later. But I may be wrong.

NBC Entertainment  President Jennifer Salke has said in a statement that “Until we get closer to air in 2015, the show will be appropriately shrouded in secrecy, but we won’t rule out the possibility of some of the show’s original cast members popping back in.”

I’m torn as to whether I want to see any of the original characters. In an ideal world we would have got a season 5 and had the show appropriately tied up – however now we are going to get a new set of characters and any appearances from the originals are bound to be cameos at best, and run the risk of tainting the original characters. Perhaps it would be better to just start with a clean slate.

It will be interesting to see how this works out, with the original series fizzling out with a lot of viewers after season 2 before its demise at the end of season 4, will enough people be excited to see the show return? I will definitely be giving this a go when it hits the screens, however whether it can keep me interested or not, we will have to see.

How do you feel about Heroes returning, and which (if any) of the original characters would you like to see return?


Gravity hits the screens tomorrow … but am I bothered?

So Alfonso Cuarón’s, Gravity, starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock finally hits the cinema screen for the mass public tomorrow, well in the UK at least, I know it has been out for a little while in the States already. And I have found myself thinking … do I really care?


To be perfectly honest, the answer is no. Gravity has to be one of the films I have least looked forward to this year. But this isn’t me trying to be ‘too cool for school’ by standing out for the sake of – I really just can’t see the attraction of the film! Maybe I’m missing something here, but it looks incredibly boring to me!!  That’s not to say anyone who wants to see it is boring, I just am so unexcited by all the hype I won’t be spending my £6.50 on this one, unless I am at a total lose end!

So, as I believe there will be a lot, if not the majority who will disagree with me – let me (try to) justify my reasons.

My first issue is – what actually is this about? The trailer has shown be bugger all, which is usually a good thing as you don’t want the plot spoiled, but Gravity has given me nothing to grab hold of and made me desperate to see it.

Secondly, I am not a huge fan of the stars. I don’t dislike them … I more just, nothing them. That sounds pretty harsh, but there isn’t a film I have seen of either of theirs that I have thought, WOW! that was amazing! But, I haven’t seen many of their movies, so am not really qualified to comment. I’m sure they are both probably very good.

My main problem I think is that this doesn’t seem to be marketed as story, more of a visual experience. And forgive me, but that isn’t my scene. I do enjoy a good looking film, but my primary expectations when I go to see a film are: does this have a good story and will this make me laugh, cry, squirm … make me feel anything. Now contradicting myself, I will be one of the first to come out of a movie and complain if it looks like crap, but at least give me a story!!!!

Gravity may have a fantastic story, and I may be jumping to conclusions – but then, is that a sign of bad marketing? My opinion from the trailer is that I have no interest in watching the film, as the story hasn’t pulled me in. All I have seen is Sandra Bullock cut off from the space shuttle and gasping for air. Now I may be being closed minded and again jumping to conclusions, but I can’t see that being strung out for an hour and half and be interesting.

This one just feels like another Avatar. Which was also marketed as a visual phenomenon, which I had no interest in seeing in 2009, and I have no interest in this in 2013.

Sorry Alfonso, you haven’t inspired this guy.

But hey, tell me if I’m wrong! If you can convince me this is a must see I will happily stand corrected!



New: American Hustle trailer… and 5 reasons I cannot wait for this movie

I have been very quiet on here recently due to a stream of cliché excuses such as: work has been crazy and I have been away for a few days and my car needs work on so haven’t made it to the cinema etc etc etc. However, I plan on becoming a lot more active on here starting next week.

But until then, I have just seen the second trailer released for American Hustle, so I thought I would list my top 5 reasons as to why I am so eager to see this film … here goes:

  1. The cast is fantastic … Christian Bale has been phenomenal in everything I have seen him in. From The Dark Knight Trilogy, to The Machinist, to The Prestige, to The Fighter, to Public Enemies, to American Psycho (I could go on and on) he changes roles so well, and I cannot wait to see his next performance. Amy Adams again is terrific, having played a host of serious roles and proved she can be funny in films like The Muppets Movie and Talledega Nights. Despite being around a lot longer than I think most people (myself included) actually realise, I think she is now hitting her stride and we can expect big things in the next few years. Bradley Cooper, also funny and serious roles with a decent track record of leading roles including one of the best films of 2012, The Place Beyond The Pines. american_hustle_cast.jpg.CROP.article568-large
  2. I am a sucker for track records. If I see a film that I like, I will then begin searching for other films from the actors/resses and directors to indulge in. For example, after seeing Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman I became a huge fan of his and proceeded to watch every film he has directed (and enjoyed them all!). So, with the aforementioned cast I am a fan off, this film wins the double in this category as I was also a huge fan of The Fighter (which incidentally starred Bale and Adams), which was directed by David O. Russell, who also happens to be directing American Hustle. Who knows, if this film is as good as expected, I may spend the first few months of 2014 working my way through his back catalog.
  3. Jennifer Lawrence. Yes I have covered the cast already. But I think Jennifer deserves a reason of her own. Quickly becoming Hollywood’s golden girl, who can question why? She has got her hand in a number of large franchises including X-Men and The Hunger Games, won an Oscar for best actress at only 22 years old, tackled comedy, drama and horror with success. She is a talented actress, capable of playing convincingly above her age, and actually appears to be a normal, down to earth person … oh and she is drop dead gorgeous. And hey, only being 3 years older than myself, who knows, I may even have a shot … a guy can dream.Jennifer-Lawrence2
  4. The Story.  A period crime drama about a reckless FBI agent who recruits a con man and his alluring British partner into a scheme to gain the upper hand over other talented swindlers. A. I enjoy the crime genre. B. Period pieces if done properly can look fantastic on the big screen. C. The synopsis suggests great potential for edge of your seat thrills as well as some well placed comedy. It’s usually a good sign if a film can hook you in with one sentence without seeing a trailer, and this is what American Hustle has done for me. Also, the trailers look great, which reaffirms the synopsis. americanhustletrailer
  5. The trailers don’t give too much away. The problem with a lot of films now is, that the trailer gives away far too much of the plot, which can take a lot of enjoyment out of the film. Especially with this genre. Comedy films can often rely on deleted scenes or promo clips for the trailer, whereas crime and thrillers don’t have that luxury. Luckily, American Hustle hasn’t blown it with it’s trailers. It has shown me enough to maintain my interest following the brief synopsis without telling me exactly what is going to happen. Also, any trailer that uses ELO gets a point from me! If another trailer is released, whether I voluntarily watch it has not yet been decided – the more trailers you see, the more of the film you see.

So there is my list. I am eagerly awaiting this release – however shan’t be viewed on the day of release, unless by some magic I can source an advanced screening ticket to see Anchorman 2, which has the same release date as American Hustle.

Anyway, without further ado. Enjoy the trailer. Feel free to let me know what you are most looking forward to from American Hustle, hitting cinemas December 20th.

Ben Affleck confirmed as new Batman [Breaking News]

So this morning I woke up to the news that Ben Affleck has been confirmed to play The Dark Knight himself, teaming up with Henry Cavill’s Clarke Kent/Kal-El/Superman, in the Superman/Batman movie set for a 2015 release … and I’m not sure how I feel about this. I had to check multiple reliable sources had reported this just to make sure it wasn’t a hoax, I checked my calendar to find it wasn’t in fact April 1st … Yes, this news is correct!


So, my first thought is … Ben Affleck must have forgotten what he said back in 2006:

“by playing a superhero in Daredevil, I have inoculated myself from ever playing another superhero… Wearing a costume was a source of humiliation for me and something I wouldn’t want to do again .”

Now, I do think Ben  can be forgiven for saying this, as after all it was only 3 years after the release of the dismal Marvel’s Daredevil, so the wound would still have been fresh. And to be frank, who wouldn’t want to don the Batsuit and hit the streets? I think in the art of fairness the quote should be allowed to be edited to :

“Wearing a costume was a source of humiliation for me and something I wouldn’t want to do again … unless of course it is the costume of the most badass superhero around”

Although – these are big boots to fill. Christian Bale for me was so iconic in the role as Batman, I can’t help but feel that it is too soon to bring a new Batman into the DC universe. I think I’m going to have a hard time seeing anyone else as Batman for quite sometime, although bear in mind this isn’t set for release for another 2 years … so that might change (however unlikely).

I do have confidence that the move will be another great instalment in the DC universe,  alongside the fantastic Dark Knight trilogy, Watchmen and more recently Man of Steel (Green Lantern is discounted from this list for obvious reasons!). And the reason for this confidence is that Zac Snyder was the director for both Watchmen and Man of Steel – and with a hand in from Christopher Nolan, the driving force behind The Dark Knight this should move in the right direction – the only down side is I have yet to see Jonathan Nolan included as a writer yet, who was one of the main writers for the DK films. Hopefully though Snyder and Affleck can really make this character their own, and not just a carbon copy of the Bale/Nolan version.

But back to Affleck … I’m not his biggest fan, although I do quite like him and think he gets given a hard time, so it will be interesting to see how he copes swapping codes from Marvel to DC, as the hero Gotham deserves.

My initial thoughts on a new Batman is .. too soon guys, too soon.

What are your opinions on the casting of Affleck for this role? Leave a comment with your thoughts!