Boss Baby – Can I fire this movie please?

I’d been going back and forwards on whether to see this or not for a couple of weeks. On the one hand the trailers didn’t look great, but on the other I like to get value from my unlimited card, and although no Pixar, Dreamworks have produced some great films.

Having literally just walked out of the cinema, with that being said, this was not one of Dreamworks hits. I found this to be bitterly disappointing. You might be thinking, “well duh, your in your 20s, what did you expect?”. But, usually kids film she are actually pretty great, especially when you’re older. You can enjoy the silly kid it’s, while appreciating the jokes aimed at the parents. However, Boss Baby seemed to swing and miss for both of these. This film just seemed confused about how it was suppose to cater for both audiences.

The premise itself is a bit of a strange one to get your head around. I know this isn’t a “thinker” film, it’s about a baby who can talk and works for a company posing as a real baby on a secret mission for crying out loud. When I say premise, what I really mean is the ideas it explores (maybe I’m overthinking this, but I do think kids films also explore real life scenarios and ┬áideas to some extent).

Your initially confused if your supposed to dislike this baby for disrupting this kids life and taking his parents attention, but then you kinda think the (older) kid is being a brat and is out of line. But then you’re rooting for them both and hoping it works out (of course it does – its a kids film). Maybe I’m not sympathetic to the plight of an older sibling as I was the youngest of two?

I was expecting this to be pretty funny, but unfortunately the childish humour missed the mark (there actually seemed to be very little) despite a few little chuckles. The film felt littered more with jokes for the parents, which just weren’t funny and in no way a child would get – a joke about severance packages was made three times, of which it wasn’t funny, three times. As well as not being funny, it didn’t even really hit me that hard in the feels (despite it trying a little bit), which you can normally count on with a kids film.

Another gripe I had, and I’m sure I probably only picked up on this because I wasn’t enjoying it anyway – but there was some very lazy continuity moments in there from Dreamworks, such as an over spilled glass of milk being a-ok when you see it again 2 seconds later, and a pair of eye brows ripped off a character which reappear instantly. I think I’m being hyper-hyper critical now, especially as this is a kids film. I mean, does that really matter? No, it doesn’t. But the laziness still ticked me off a little. Just because it’s a kids film it doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

All in all I would say give this one a miss. I’ve seen a couple of kids films already this year, and this one is definitely the worst so far.

This has been really negative, and I appreciate I’ve probably activities this way too much for what it is! Anyway, I’m going to leave this there now as I’m about to go back into the cinema and watch the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, which I am SUPER excited for!

Boss Baby – a measly 3/10

(PS this blog was actually written using my phone – the first time I’ve ever actually done that!)


Is anybody still out there?

Is there anybody out there?


*taps the mic* Is this thing on?

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over three years since I last posted anything! Life kinda got in the way – finishing Uni, moving down South, a few job changes etc etc…. I won’t bore you with the details. Long story short, I just had less time for movie watching, and even less time for blog writing.

However, now things have settled down, I once again find myself with more time for moving watching, and have really ramped it up over the last 4 months, getting through 55 films! (Yes I’m keeping track). I’ve kept saying to myself – “I’m going to start blogging again. I’m going to start blogging again”, but just haven’t done it. So, I’ve finally stopped saying it, and am going to actually try and get back into doing it.

Firstly, please bear with me! I’m a little out of practice, so might take me a little while to get going. I doubt I’ll be able to blog everything I watch but am going to try and maintain some regularity from now and going forward, like I had back in 2013/14. If I can get some time I will perhaps also go back and review some of my favourites that I’ve seen so far this year while I get going again. All my old reviews are still here if you want to give them a read in the mean time!

Secondly, I’m considering changing up the site, but that will take a bit of thinking about and some work as I would like to do it myself, rather than use a theme. However, that isn’t my speciality so that would take some time! I might use a new theme for a quick refresh but for now, but there may be some bigger changes somewhere down the line. Again, this is something I’ve been saying to myself I will do for quite a while, so maybe I just need to get on and do it as well. As it stands, at the time of posting this everything is exactly as I left it 3 years ago.

For now though, hopefully, will see a few more blogs posts and I’ll take it from there! See you soon.

See you soon.